Meow My Persians
Lansing, Michigan
Specializing in Solid and Tabby Persians since 2005
Updated 3/20/2019

Welcome to Meow My Persians!
Meow My would like to salute three of our boys, all brothers,
each a CFA National Winner!

GP, NW Meow My Scout
Brown Clasic Tabby Male
22nd best cat in Premiership, 2012-13
GP, NW Meow My Mugsy Malone of Morganhill
Brown Mackerel Tabby Male
22nd best cat in Premiership, 2011-2012
GPD, NW, RW Meow My Sundance Kitt of Morganhill
Brown Clasic Tabby Male
19th best cat in Premiership, 2015-2016
Sire: GC Thai-Yves Sensation of Meow My
Dam: CH Meow My Lollypop DM
Special thanks to Lisa Morgan of Morganhill Cattery for
showing Mugsy and Kitt to their full potential!


Meow My Persians specializes in solid and tabby Persians. We are located in Mid Michigan in the CFA Great Lakes Region (4).

We are a home-based cattery, where love, attention and the best care possible is paid to every cat. We keep a small number of cats, so that each one has lap time and can be evaluated for health on a daily basis.

We are a nearly cage-less cattery. Babies are contained until they have their first shots and are litter trained. Then, they have run of the house. It gives them a chance to socialize with people and other cats, before they start their show careers or become loving pets, or both! The boys live on their own floor in the house. They have their lap time while we're working in the office--computer lap time.

We specifically breed for well adjusted cats that meet the CFA standard. All the parents have been successful in the show hall. However, we strive to find the best homes possible for our kittens and that is often a loving pet home.

We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of Meow My Persians. Please feel free to contact us for more information.