Available to Approved homes:

We are not a pet shop. Lil Luv Lyns reserves the right to place our fur-babies with the homes that we deem appropriate. Please feel free to call and talk to us about our kits at any time. Our kittens are at least 12 weeks of age before they are allowed to go home, and have had shots applicable to their age. All of our cats are available as pets to loving pet homes. **None of our pictures have re-touched, or changed aside from cropping and re-sizing to fit the page**









Lil Luv Lyns Fire Opal "Opah" (Starfire X Rylee):

Yes, he has staining on his cheeks from smashing his face into his meat plate, but isn't he just a doll baby? Love the eyes on this kid, color, size...he's very special. Super head, great body, bone and a perfect bite. Available as Show or Pet. Please inquire.








Lil Luv Lyns Rumple (Butters X Diva):

Another stunning kitty from this cross! Rumple is a full brother to his GC sibs Starfire, Twinkle, Allstar, 5 Star, and GP Izzy! This guy has everything going for him, coat, body, head, eyes...AND he has super personality plus. He loves people. Available as Show.












Cashelcatrua Nuala (CH Lil Luv Lyns Beguiling X GC Cashelcatrua Grainne)

2yr flame pt female. Nuala is a proven breeder with one litter to her credit, and she is a very sweet girl! Available as a breeder or pet.





Lil Luv Lyns Papperazzi (GC Tanglebox's Ice Breaker X Lil Luv Lyns Pippa)

18 month old tortie pt female. Proven with one litter, and she is an excellent mother. Available as a breeder. She is growing out of a lion cut. She normally has a wonderful clear coat, with lots of coat factor!






Lil Luv Lyns KT Scarlett (GC Tanglebox's Breaker X CH Lil Luv Lyns Sweetie Pie)

18 month old seal pt female. Scarlett is a WONDERFUL mother with her one litter. She is a "do it youself" kind of gal, and with a first time mom, that is a rare thing indeed. Wonderful breeder, available as a breeder or pet.




CH Lil Luv Lyns Avalon (GC Tanglebox's Ice Breaker X CH Lil Luv Lyns Sweetie Pie)

18 month old tortie pt female, grand pointed! Fabulous show quality girl. Available

Pappi is on the left and Avalon on the right, just hanging out!





Lil Luv Lyns Glenlivet (CH Marclay Outta Scotch "Whiskey" X Pippa)

This wonderful guy would make a wonderful pet or show kitty. He has fabulous eyes and a sparkling personality! He is a nice hunky boy that just loves to be loved. Please inquire for more details!










Lil Luv Lyns is having a cattery reduction. Several of our titled breeding stock will be posted as available soon. They all make lovely pets, and are proven breeders. Please inquire, we may have just what you are looking for!

Others available:

GC Lil Luv Lyns Nutter Butter

CH Lil Luv Lyns Diva, DM

CH Lil Luv Lyns Merriweather